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Weight Training for Women: How to Get Sexy Sculpted Triceps & Biceps

Strong, toned arms are the ultimate accessory for your summer wardrobe. Not only do they help you look amazing in your tanks and dresses, training your triceps and biceps helps you move more efficiently and ensures optimal joint health. Your triceps make up an important part of your upper body and if you want to develop a toned and gorgeous body, you need to add an arm workout as part of your routine.

Whether you choose to head to the gym or do your workout at home, free weights like dumbbells and barbells are your best choice. And don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights than what you’re used to. Just because you lift heavy doesn’t mean you’ll end up with bulging man arms! Using small 2kg weights won’t help you get the toned, sculpted look you’re after. Your muscles need to feel some strain in order to make a change. So grab your dumbbells, hit the gym or find a space at home and follow these 6 exercises below to get those strong, toned arms you’re after!