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Personal Trainers - Jason



Personal Trainer
My main focus is to ASSESS, PRIORITISE, PLAN and finally PRESCRIBE the training that is right for YOU!

“Unsustainable Practices Lead To Unsustainable Behaviours”

My goal as a trainer is to get the very best from you using all the tools we have available, I will also make sure that your training program is completely personalised and tailored to your needs and ability.

With my strong back ground in strength and Conditioning and back ground working with athletes at Chelsea FC. I have worked with many different groups of people, With many different levels of ability.


Level 2: Fitness Instructor

Level 3: Personal Trainer

Strength and conditioning Diploma

Group Exercise Instructor

Key Specialities:

Form correction and Performance

Fat loss

Hypertrophy/Muscle Gain

Strength Building & Powerlifting Techniques